Thankful: God’s word will stand forever

One of my calendar devotions this month
One of my calendar devotions this month

The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.

– Isaiah 40:8

Today I am thankful that the Word of God will stand forever.

Much in this life fades. Colors fade in our furniture. Clothes wear out. The grass yellows in August. Petals fall. Our skin wrinkles and bodies tire.

But the Word of our God remains – its potency never dilutes.

The word “remain” means to abide, accomplish, confirm, continue, endure, make good, help, hold, lift up, rise up, stand, strengthen, succeed. God’s word will abide, will be forever. God will accomplish what He says. We can always trust Him, and He constantly confirms in our hearts His truth. God’s Word will continue and endure. He will make good on every promise. God’s Word is effective, helping us, holding us, lifting us up so we can rise up and stand, firmly planted. God’s Word will forever strengthen us. God will succeed in His mission. He has already won the victory!

My patience may wear out. My courage may weaken and my passion fade.

Yet, the word of my God will stay strong. It will stand forever.

God’s word is my hope.

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