Countdown to the New Year: Review of top 2014 posts

Thanks for all your support on! As we begin a new year, I wanted to take a moment to share the most viewed posts on the blog in 2014.

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1. Jesus wants to clean my heart
The top post of the year was near the beginning of our 2 Weeks 2 the Cross family Easter emphasis. We did a science experiment to help us understand that Jesus wants to clean our hearts, and the post includes a video of the demonstration.

2. Preparing for Advent: Capture Your Child’s Heart for Christ this Christmas!
Christmas is one of the most special times of the year for us as a family! This post gives ideas, Scriptures, projects and reviews of Advent calendars for families to make Christmas count.

3. Taking the time out
This is a sweet retelling of when my son Jackson decided he wanted to take his sister’s time out for her, to show her how Jesus took the punishment we deserved for our sin by dying on the cross.

4. Journey to the Manger: Micah
Our family took a Journey to the Manger during December, and this is Day 3, as we learned about the prophet Micah. For all of our Journey, click here for a run down.

5. Take it with you
My daughter Lauren decided at the beginning of the school year that she wanted to start bringing her Bible to school to share with her preschool classmates.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how God leads this year and reveals Himself in the details of everyday life! Happy New Year!

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