Remember the word of the Lord

Lauren and her rooster picture
Lauren and her rooster picture

As the disciples scattered and Jesus was led away, Peter followed from a distance. He sneaked into the courtyard where inside Jesus was being held. Peter was scared. He was scared for His best friend, and scared for his own life. So, when a person approached Peter, recognizing him as Jesus’s disciple, he denied it. A second time, Peter distanced himself from Jesus. The third time, Peter angrily and vehemently denied all connection. He was operating out of fear rather than faith.

Suddenly a rooster crowed, and Peter remembered the word of the Lord. Jesus had warned him this would happen, and Peter wouldn’t believe him. At that moment Jesus looked out and locked eyes with his defeated disciple, and Peter ran away, weeping bitterly.

Tonight, we made rooster pictures, complete with tail feathers. We talked and prayed for God’s help to remember His Word, and stay true to Jesus.

Read about Peter denying Jesus in Luke 22:54-62.

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