We are looking forward to getting back home.

I realized it when we were on the long trip back to our house, that I wished we were going in the opposite direction.

We had just spent an amazing, God-orchestrated week in Mountain View, Mo. I still am in awe of the incredible blessing of being a part of what is now our new church family! What Matt and I have been praying about for so long unfolded before us, and I am just so grateful God has given us a new home where we can serve Him.

So many people made us feel like we were at home. Larry and Linda literally opened their home to us for the week, and they cared for us as family. They definitely got a front row seat to the best and worst of the Cobb family! We are so, so thankful for them.

We were welcomed by Pastor John and Sherri, Marge and Clay, Joy and Glenn, and Patty and Dwayne with wonderful meals and time to talk and get to know each other. 

We had such a fun time with what will be our new Sunday School class, who welcomed us right away as friends. I’m looking forward to fun times and growing in my faith with Angie and Brian, Stephanie and Brad, Becca and Cody, and Leslie!

There are countless others who welcomed us and cared for our family…you know who you are! Those who taught Jackson and Lauren during Awana, Sunday School, church services and other times. Thank you for already loving our children the way you do! Thank you to those who prepared for and helped in the kitchen during the Friday night potluck! I could go on and on!! 

What meant the most to me was seeing how people genuinely loved each other. As Jesus prayed for his disciples and for you and me at His last meal before He was arrested, He prayed about this very thing:

“I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” – John 17:23

God has given us a new family. We will certainly miss our Lansing family, more than I can possibly express in words here. But, God is calling us now to a new home and community.

While we are on our way to our final, heavenly home, I am so grateful God gives us family to love and serve alongside.

I’m definitely looking forward to going home!

Jesus vs. the Weatherman

Though this is Michigan, this week’s “Snowmageddon” seemed to be more about the anticipation. Weather reports indicated up to 16 inches of snow here, and so people flocked to the stores to stock up on milk, bread, eggs, rock salt and everything else needed to face the “blizzard” forecasted.

So, for days, meteorologists predicted feet of snow across America, and we all held our breath, anticipating the worst. Many businesses, colleges and even the state legislature closed in advance, trusting the weather station reports.

On Tuesday, as we waited, and waited, and waited for the storm to begin, it felt a bit like deja vu.

As of late, that’s the story of my life. Sometimes God asks you to step out in faith and then wait while He works out all the details. Even if you have the timeline laid out, it is still hard to wait when your heart is already out there.

I’m just glad I am placing my faith in the God of the universe, instead of relying on those who try to predict its weather patterns.