Back to it

New Years is the time of year most people become resolved to change or set and strive for fresh goals. But for me as a stay-at-home mom and ministry leader, back-to-school time is the golden ticket!

My sweet kiddos started a new school year yesterday, and in many ways my year begins again, too.

Seriously. Have you seen sweeter kids?

It’s time to get back to it!

I’ve missed posting here on my blog. For the past year, I’ve allowed my ministry to-do list to crowd out my writing time. This fall, I’d like to change that, because God uses blogging in my life to punctuate how He is at work in the details all around me.

Earlier this year, knowing what God was calling me to, I asked Him to increase my capacity (aka the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10). The vision He had given was impossible to achieve without His presence and power — and Him stretching me even further in faith. God answered that prayer by giving me more to do and more people to love and serve. That’s just like God! ūüėČ

I can say truthfully I haven’t “handled” it all well. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve burnt out in my own strength. And, God has allowed me late this summer to solely focus on my first ministry — my family — to rejuvenate my heart and clarify my priorities.

What God calls us to, He equips us to do. But you know how He does that? It isn’t that God suddenly gives you new skills or management techniques or aligns all your people in an orderly manner so that leadership is easy. He gives us Himself. He requires us to be with Him, stand with Him, depend on Him, trust in Him, and release control so He can work — in US.

That’s why I want to get back to recording God’s words and encouragement here in blog form. I want God to keep me on my toes, recognizing His work in the details of life so that I can stand firm in Christ, as He calls me in Ephesians 6:10-20 (note all times we are urged to “stand”). And, I want to be able to share with you the amazing blessing and miracle it is that God chooses to move and make Himself evident in our everyday lives — the places that real life happens, those in-between moments that define us.

This restart may not be perfect. It’s a beginning, again. That sounds a lot like grace.

Thanks for joining me in the journey!

Thankful: God is the beginning and the end

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Р‭Revelation‬ ‭22‬:‭13‬

Today I am thankful that God is the beginning and the end.

God is the beginning. He is the Creator, the source of all love and joy and peace. At the sound of His voice and at the stretch of His hand, miracles happen. Each of us exist because God lovingly decided to weave us into His story. God is my beginning.

God is also the last. He is the final word, the One who finishes what He begins. He will be standing victorious as this world passes away, with all majesty and honor due Him as the King of Kings. When my time here is complete, He will be the first I see as my eyes open in Heaven. God is my eternity.

My God is everlasting. He always was and forever will be. His promises hold the same time-table. His loving kindness and mercy have no end.

If God can hold time together, from beginning to end, He can and will hold my life firmly in His hands. God goes before me and behind me, guiding and protecting me. My future is secure with the One who is the First and the Last.

God is my beginning and my end. May He reign in my life every moment in between!