His mercy is new every morning

His mercy is new every morning.
It’s fresh, vibrant, awake.
It’s not been sitting in the back of the fridge for days past expiration.
His mercy is standing up, stretching out
Giving generously, without fault.
It sees and loves and serves
Coming in continual waves.
And just when I think I can’t take another drop
His mercy cascades over that place I’ve never said out loud.
It washes without reservation.
It heals and captures
What I can’t stand against.
His mercy is new and never wasted.
It’s always worth it
Even when I don’t believe it.
Every morning it offers a beginning
And His mercy never ends.
It’s breeze pushes out staleness,
Making me aware of what’s dead.
It resurrects and pumps life back
To what I thought I lost.
His mercy is sweet and slow
Forgiving, redeeming, transforming
Remaking me in His image.
His mercy is new every morning.

Today you will be with me in paradise

Jackson and three crosses

Jackson and three crosses

While Jesus suffered, criminals were crucified on either side of His cross. One mocked and insulted Jesus, but the other was riddled with guilt and knew the One with the crown of thorns could give him the freedom he desperately needed.

In the midst of terrible pain, Jesus listened to this criminal’s plea for forgiveness and eternal life. He promised His presence right then, and on into paradise. While paying for all the sins of the world, Jesus was also redeeming the man dying next to him.

We made three cross circle crafts today, to remember that just as Jesus forgave the criminal on the cross, He also forgives us.

Read more about Jesus and the criminal’s conversation in Luke 23:39-43.

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